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How to survive uncertainty and remain hopeful?

Everyone comes across challenging times at one time or another. The 2020 pandemic has shed particular light on this topic and stretched many households to the brink of their mental well-being. In fact, the shadow of the lockdown still darkens many doorsteps, and some people have yet to recover from the mental impact it triggered.

No matter how upsetting and difficult these situations can be, the good thing is that they come with a few valuable lessons along the way. Difficult times teach us to stay hopeful, an acquired skill which you can only master over time. Whilst securing this skill requires a lot of time and effort, it’s undoubtedly worth developing just to reap its rewarding benefits. So, how can you stay hopeful during challenging times? Read on to discover more!

Tip 1: Face up to the challenge

It’s time to stop ignoring that a problem exists and start accepting it for what it is. Acknowledging that an issue is actually there takes you one step closer to solving it. Firstly, try to figure out if there is something you can change to solve the problem. If the answer to this is yes, you then need to start planning your journey to obtain the solution. If the answer to this is no, you need to consider how you will deal with living alongside the problem instead of fighting a losing battle.

Within this process, you can also practice challenging your negative thinking. It’s easy to submerge yourself in the habit of thinking negative things without even stopping to confront them. When facing up to your challenge, take a step back and try to view the bigger picture. Consider if you can question any of the negative thoughts you have about the problem and what things you can start to look at more positively.

Tip 2: Learn

While your problem may be challenging to overcome, the learning experience you can gain from it allows you to take on your next issue more efficiently. Consider what you can take from this experience and how you can better approach the tough times you’ll face next time. However, you need to be kind to yourself during this difficult process. Forcing positivity on yourself can be overwhelming over time, so you must be able to make room for your emotions and release them in healthy intervals. For example, don’t be ashamed of crying!

Tip 3: Delve deep into your past

When thinking about your past problems, you can remind yourself that tough times don’t always last forever. Everyone has tackled problems before – including yourself. The fact that you have managed to get through your past issues could help infuse hope into your current situation. After all, if you have overcome past experiences, there is a strong possibility that you can overcome the recent experience you are suffering through.

Tip 4: Record the experience

Record your experience via voice notes, blogging, or diary writing to help you process what you are going through. This may help you clear your mind and even bring about the solution you have been looking for. Furthermore, looking back at what you have recorded can offer a powerful emotional learning experience.

Tip 5: Laugh

You may not believe it, but laughing is actually an effective therapeutic technique. Even if you don’t feel like laughing, doing it can adjust your mood, crushing the feeling of hopelessness in an instant. By changing your mindset, laughter could help offer you a new perspective on your tricky situation. It’s difficult to stop once you start, so it’s undoubtedly worth faking it until you make it with this unique method.

Tip 6: Choose happiness

Make the decision that you think will generate the most happiness for you. Additionally, self-care is a priority during tough times, so you must treat yourself kindly, whether by participating in a hobby you love, getting enough sleep and exercise, or practicing positive thinking techniques.

Tip 7: Build a support group

Calling all friends and relatives! Managing your problem alone may be difficult, so be sure to surround yourself with loved ones who make you feel hopeful. By surrounding yourself with positive people, they can transfer their hope to you.

There’s no doubt that every individual has struggled with uncertain times at one point or another. In the shadow of Covid-19, geopolitical crises, and technological advances, we can expect 2023 to be just as surprising as the past few years.

The only way we can tackle this new year head-on is by using techniques to strengthen our resilience and reduce stress and anxiety. By following the above tips, you can stay hopeful and become your best and newest self today!

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