Moving to a New State and Starting a New Career

Guest Post By: Gloria Martinez

You’ve decided to move to another state, and you’re going to get a fresh start. You’ll need to find a home and choose what you’ll do for income. Right now, you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, VIP Innovations has put together some ideas on how to make the move and start your new life.

Find Your Dream Home

Keep a journal and write down some ideas about where you want to live. Research the cost of living in various states. For example, consider the cost of living in San Diego:

  • A quart of milk costs $1.11; bread costs $3.68.
  • Dinner out for two costs an average of $71.40.
  • A one-bedroom apartment downtown averages $2,176.
  • The average monthly utility bill for one person is $133.
  • Day care. Day care or preschool costs $1,366 per month.

If you’re purchasing a home, talk to a real estate agent about finding the perfect home for you and your family. As you narrow down your search, visit the property to make sure it has everything you need. Do your due diligence, and make an offer. Once the offer is accepted, your agent can walk you through the closing process.

Get Full-Time Income

Search for a job in your new state. Alternatively, you may feel like changing things up and getting into business for yourself. If you’ve got the entrepreneurship itch, brainstorm ideas for your new business while you look for your new home.

When you’ve come up with a winning business idea, write up a business plan that includes:

  • Your offering. Which product or service will you sell, and how will you sell it?
  • Business structure. Will you be a sole proprietor, or is it better for you to form a limited liability company (LLC), a corporation, or a partnership?
  • How will you secure funding for things such as payroll, overhead, and advertising?
  • What’s the expected revenue and profit?

Different business structures have their strengths, but an LLC is a popular choice because of the flexibility, reduced paperwork, legal protections, and tax benefits that go with it. An online formation service can be a big help when it comes to starting an LLC, since different states often have slightly different regulations.

Complete the Move

If you’re not sure which state you’re moving to, you may want to consider some states over others if they have more job openings or are more friendly to small businesses. Eventually, you’ll find a state you’ll love.

Once you’ve found your dream home and worked with a real estate agent to seal the deal and buy or lease the property, it’s time to move. Make sure to find the best movers. Unpack your new home office, where you’ll be headquartered if you’re starting a home business. Set up your internet, and get your first customers.

Protect Your Home

When buying a home, investing in a home warranty can be a great way to protect yourself against potential costs for appliance and system repairs. A home warranty is an additional policy that covers the cost of breakdowns due to normal wear and tear, or lack of maintenance. If the cost is justified, it can provide security and peace of mind to homeowners when unexpected breakdowns arise. Shop around to find the best combination of cost and value for your needs.

Make Your Plan a Reality

The above advice applies to any state to which you’re considering relocating. With proper research and planning, your move to a new state can be a success whether you’re simply moving your family to a more desirable location or starting a new business.

If you’re seeking a personal and professional transformation, contact VIP Innovations today!

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