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Career Transition Coaching

Whether you are an executive or a professional looking for a new career or striving for a promotion - being dynamic, flexible, innovative and highly competitive are some of today’s ever-changing job requirements. Demand for better performance, productivity and leadership have never been higher. Have you evolved to meet the challenges of the new work paradigm and still able to maintain that perfect work/life balance?

Who Is It For?

My career transition coaching services include custom packages for everybody willing to advance their careers or to find new opportunities for continuous growth. Whether you are a new entrant to the workforce or an experienced CEO, there is always room for improvement, and I am happy to facilitate your growth.

The Process

To start with, we would work on identifying your beliefs, values and motivations. Gaining clarity to your personality, working style, leadership style, and reviewing the total sum of your experience, education. As you progress further, we will collaborate together to create your personalized roadmap to taking your career to the next level.

Why Me?


Everything that happens during our one-on-one meetings will be kept fully confidential. Coaching is 100% Confidential and Non-Judgmental. All coaching conversations are confidential, and will not voluntarily divulge information about a coaching relationship without the written or verbal permission of the client. We follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics


You will receive email follow-ups to make sure you stay on the right track during the whole process of our coaching. Specifics will be included in the Client Coaching Agreement.


Every session is based on the most recent neuro research findings to ensure we get the most out of your brain and abilities.

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