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Personal Development Coaching

A coaching relationship can be a powerful experience, involving the development of new possibilities, new levels of achievement and personal growth. The coaching relationship between the coach and the client is founded upon mutual trust and respect. The goals can relate to performance, development, or a specific obstacle you would like to solve. No matter what it is, we will always follow the S.M.A.R.T. goal framework to make sure that your goals are:

  • Specific to know where exactly you are heading
  • Measurable to make sure you stay on the right path
  • Attainable to accomplish them within a given timeframe
  • Relevant to have them match your long-term goals
  • Time-based to set realistic end-date for the completion

While the coaching process can be fully tailored, it usually can be separated into 3 main stages, with each lasting a month.

Month 1
Gaining clarity about your current situation and exploring your possible options. As a coach, I will help you identify and refine your goals to approach life in a way that will make you feel fulfilled and satisfied with your choices.

Month 2
We will start working toward making your goals a reality. This includes value identification, overcoming hurdles holding you back, getting unstuck in various life situations, and attaining the desirable life balance.

Month 3
You will start your journey exploring the current reality and see how it is going to change. We will increase your self-awareness levels using various tools, including the 360 Assessment, Holland Code RAISEC Personality test, Career Surveyor, and DISC Inventory.
Each month we will meet 3 times via zoom, phone or Skype. You will also have 8 email coaching session supports every month to reach out if you have any questions or doubts.

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