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3 Reasons Quitting Could Change Your Life

When most people make the decision to stick with something or quit, they usually weigh the pros and cons. Whichever side comes out with the most convincing data, wins. That’s great when the data is objective and not influenced by emotions, but most people are driven more by how they feel than logic.

That means, a lot of people stick with things based on their emotions…including guilt and shame, which are some of the top reasons people avoid quitting, even when it’s in their best interest. The truth is, quitting something you need to let go of could change your life. That’s because it can:

  • make you healthier
  • make you happier
  • make you wiser

Quitting can make you healthier

We often don’t know how much our bodies are affected when we are stressed out and failing to quit. Holding on to responsibilities, relationships, and situations that are toxic can lower our immunities, increase our blood pressure and do more harm than we realize.

Don’t wait until you suffer from a stroke or heart attack before making changes. You can take the lead in your physical health by reducing the activities and situations in your life that aren’t contributing to your health.

Quitting can make you happier

Many people get stuck in situations where they aren’t happy but can’t see a way out. From being in a toxic friendship to managing a work assignment they aren’t suited for; they don’t realize how unhappy they’ve become. Feeling trapped, they are overwhelmed with the enormity of it and may be so close to the situation they can’t see how unhealthy it is.

Making the brave choice to quit can open up a level of happiness you may not expect. Oftentimes, getting out from under a bad situation helps you see things from a new perspective and create happiness once again. Being out from the toxicity allows for new growth and new healthy experiences which can make you happier than you’ve ever been.

Quitting can make you wiser

We live life moving forward, but understand it looking back. Quitting the right things, healing from them, and getting a proper perspective can make you wiser. Breaking bad habits, relationships, and freeing ourselves from things holding us back can help us identify where we got it wrong and avoid making the same mistakes again.

Once you’ve gotten out from under a bad situation and reflect on it, it makes it easier to understand what happened and how you got there. From there, you can protect yourself from those types of situations from happening again.

While there are plenty of reasons to quit things that don’t suit you, your health, happiness, and wisdom should be at the top of the list.

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