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5 Habits of Highly Self-Disciplined People

Some people seem to have it all. They get up each day and hit the floor running. They accomplish more by noon than you do in a day. You look at all they get done successfully, while you’ve been fumbling along in their wake. You can’t help but wonder: What do they have that I don’t?

The answer is more straightforward than you think. Successful people have cultivated the habits of self-discipline.

The good news is these habits can easily be yours. It’s all a matter of being willing to put the effort in, and then following through to repeat these actions day after day until they become automatic.

  1. They Don’t Let Themselves Be Tempted in the First Place

Rather than worry about temptation, they simply cut it out of their lives. Trying to eat, right? Quit buying food that isn’t healthy. Wanting to get work done, but social media is a constant temptation? Unplug the router and turn off your phone. Sometimes you have to get harsh with yourself if you want to succeed. By taking out what would take you down, you avoid the problem entirely.

  1. They See the Possibilities

The moment you start limiting yourself, you have already failed. If you start thinking willpower is in short supply or that you have no self-discipline, it becomes impossible to succeed. Instead, you need to change the narrative. Tell yourself it is possible to change. You do have self-discipline. That there’s plenty of willpower to go around. You’ll find yourself capable of more than you ever dreamed possible.

  1. They Take Care of Themselves

You can’t possibly practice good self-discipline techniques when you’re sabotaging yourself through fatigue, hunger, thirst, or pain. You simply must take care of yourself. Eat right. Make sure you stay hydrated. Get adequate sleep. Exercise. It seems so basic, but that’s because it works. Keeping yourself in top condition means you’re ready to take on the next task.

  1. They Break It Down

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When the goal is big, it looks daunting. It’s hard to stay disciplined when you’re already defeated by the size of the task. Break down your goal into smaller pieces and watch the magic happen.

  1. They Do What It Takes

Success comes with the follow-through. Self-discipline happens when you resolve to fight to the finish. When you’ve settled things in your mind that you’re in this until the end, you’ll find yourself much better prepared to do just that.

By following these habits, your life will start changing very quickly for the better. Soon you will be one of those highly self-disciplined people you used to admire. Now it’s you who will have it all.

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