5 Reasons Why Dreaming Big is So Important


We hear it all the time. It’s plastered on the back of every elementary school bathroom. And it’s what your mom tells you when you’re unsure of your future. Dream big. In theory, dreaming big sounds great—but it’s easier said than done. That being said, without big dreams, we’ll never reach our full potential. We have to dream big to achieve our goals in life. That’s dreaming big in a nutshell, but we’re going to delve deeper with these five reasons why it’s so important.

  1.  Positivity Builds Momentum

Many inspirational speakers have rephrased the Buddha’s statement, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.” When we dream big, we activate our brains to begin to notice the opportunities and possibilities we hadn’t seen before. As we continue seeing this support of our big dreams, the positivity we express brings even more connections and prospects into our reality. Our continued belief in our dreams creates momentum that builds exponentially.

  1. Your Focus Shifts

As mentioned above, when you focus on the plans and tasks that will lead you to reach your dreams, you begin to notice new ways of doing things. When your focus is on finding solutions, that’s what you find. On the other hand, dreamers who keep their minds engaged with all the things that could go wrong as they work towards their goals will experience difficulties and challenges. Eventually, they’ll give up. What we focus on grows. When you are dedicated to making your dream a reality, you focus on the victories and learning experiences, which brings you more of the same blessings.

  1. Resilience After Failure

Failure is inevitable, no matter how much we plan or how hard we try. It’s not something we look forward to, but when we fail as we’re dreaming big and aiming high… that’s failing forward. It’ll hurt for a second, but you’ll get back up feeling 10X stronger, more resilient, and with more knowledge than you had before. We begin to realize the only real failure is in not trying at all.

  1. Time Management Becomes Important

You may not think of superior time management skills when you think “dreamer,” but those who are serious about making their best life their reality makes sure to use their time wisely. They understand that time is our biggest asset, and if they want to make things happen, they need to use that asset to their advantage.

  1. Confidence Blossoms

Before you embarked on this journey, you may have thought it was impossible. Words like “can’t” and “impossible” were regulars in your vocabulary, but when you start shooting for the stars and seeing the results, your confidence will improve in all aspects of your life!

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