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6 Things You Learn When You Loose Your WHY?

We all lose direction sometimes.

From the time we’re children, we find purpose in the things we do fairly easily. We create goals and dream big dreams almost as easily as we breathe or play with our friends. We have a “Why” from the moment someone asks us, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” for the very first time.

At some point, though, we lose our original “Why.” This is normal. As we grow, our vision of the future changes. In fact, we tend to change our “Why” fairly often. It never makes it easy, though, when we lose one “Why” only to realize we don’t have another one waiting in the wings.

But did you know this could be a good thing?

There are many things we can learn from losing our “Why.” Let’s look at a handful and discover just how valuable this moment can be for building your new “Why.”

#1)  You’re Still Learning

When you lose a “Why,” it’s frequently because the old one doesn’t quite fit anymore. You’ve grown and have come to see yourself (and the world) in new and exciting ways. Of course, you’re going to need a new “Why” to embrace this new knowledge fully. Take these moments to ask yourself what new vision you now hold and how you want to incorporate this into your life.

#2)  You Still Have Your Values

We all live by a moral code formed from a combination of beliefs, knowledge, and the previous “Why” you’ve held. Consider whether anything here has changed. Use these values to help you in the decision-making process as you form your new “Why.”

#3)  Express Gratitude

Your previous “Why” taught you many things, introduced you to new people and new ideas. You gained so much in the time you held it. Allow yourself to embrace these things as something good which came out of your “Why.”

#4)  Find the Takeaway

Of course, your previous “Why” might have also offered some hard lessons. Rather than become caught up in feelings of failure or allow yourself to be dragged down by history, instead look for what you can learn from the experience.

#5)  Grieve

You might even need to spend some time acknowledging the sorrow at whatever you’ve left undone with your “Why” when you let it go. This is right and natural and will help you to move on.

#6) Trust Yourself

It’s not always easy to allow a new “Why” into your life. Self-doubt might even be causing you to question whether you know a good “Why” when you see it. The thing is, you know more than you think you do. Here’s where you need to trust as you embrace your new passion and finally take the plunge into what comes next.

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