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7 Tips to Build Passion About Your Job

You’re going to spend almost one-third of your life working. This can sound pretty dreary if you’re not satisfied in your job…and chances are you’re not. Statistically speaking, only about half of people feel satisfied with their jobs. This number drops even further, to only 12% of people who are passionate about what they do.

How do you put yourself into the lucky 12%? You start by building passion through following these easy tips.

Create a Passionate Mindset

When someone is passionate, they look at things in terms of opportunity with a healthy dose of optimism and enthusiasm. To build passion, start looking on the bright side, and tackle the day vigorously. The passion will follow.

What Have You Got?

Got any sweet skills no one else does? Of course, you do! Knowing what you’re good at gives passion a healthy boost. After all, you bring a lot to the table.

Brag a Little

Why be modest? If you’ve done something of note lately, why not share it…cautiously. Of course, you don’t want to be bragging all over the office, but letting the key players know you did well in something never hurts, so long as the announcement is kept natural and not forced.

Find a Mentor

Mentors teach you what you need to know to advance. They also become an instant support system. With this kind of backing, it’s easy to feel more passionate about your work.

Ask for More

How can you better yourself? If you can find goals within your current workspace where you can advance but are lacking certain education, certification, or skills to get there, get some help. Enlist your boss by asking them to support you in pursuing your goals, pointing out this likewise benefits them.

Pile Up Success

If you’re looking to score big, you’re going to wait a long time between celebrations. To keep motivated and build passion, create smaller goals or milestones. Celebrate each as you complete them.

Make Friends

Need more allies? Start socializing around your workplace and build up a network of friends to give you support throughout the workday. These are the individuals who have your back, especially should things get rough.

Passion doesn’t just show up on its own. It must be intentional. With this in mind, using these tips to build passion will sow the seeds you need in order to create passion where you are right now.

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