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Adversity is All Around, How Are You Handling It?

When we think of adversity, we think of those situations and scenarios that pose challenges or create obstacles in our lives. As much as we would like to avoid adversity, it is a constant and ever-present force in our lives.

Thus, learning how to cope with and manage adversity becomes the key to our success in life. While there are many ways to approach adversity, this article highlights a few key ways to handle adversity as a means of overcoming obstacles and becoming more resilient.


One of the keys to learning to cope with adversity can be found in how we approach the challenges we face. Our choice to face adversity with an open versus a closed mind can make or break us in times of crisis.

An open mindset embraces the idea that adversity is something we can learn from and thus approaches the challenge looking to learn and grow. A closed mindset does not see the opportunity in adversity and instead approaches it with hesitation and perhaps even objection. This mindset often will not gain anything from any adverse experience. Meanwhile, a person with an open mind will gain perspective, understanding, knowledge, and skills than can be useful to them in future situations (Maddock, 2013).


Determination is an attitude that decides an individual will overcome whatever the challenge or hardship being experienced. This attitude is essential to overcoming adversity because it is what energizes you when the challenges continue to bear down on you.

Essentially, determination serves as your ‘why’ when you’re tempted to give up. It is this attitude that will carry you through when the going gets tough and help you make it to a point where you can overcome adversity (Tyagi, 2019). 

Goal setting

Setting goals when faced with adversity is a strong strategy for helping you to overcome the adversity you face. When faced with a challenge it can seem daunting and impossible at first. But breaking down the challenge and identifying the problem allows you to set actionable steps that will help you overcome the adversity. This helps the challenging go from massive and unmanageable, to easier to navigate and handle step-by-step (Tyagi, 2019).


It may be tempting to isolate yourself when faced with a challenge but surrounding yourself with support can be a valuable asset. Support offers you the tools, information, resources, or skills you need to adequately assess and address the adversity you face. Support can be in the form of other individuals who can offer emotional and physical support, or even by the provision of resources you may need to address the issue at hand. This support can help you be better prepared to face the adversity and successfully navigate it (Essential Life Skills, n.d.). 


A final key to learning how to successfully navigate adversity is learning to adapt and adjust. Most adversity is not predictable or expected. Learning how to pivot and change on the fly when faced with a challenge helps you to better cope and ultimately become more resilient. It’s this combination of flexibility and resilience that will help you better embrace and then overcome adversity.

Adversity is a normal part of life, so the sooner we learn to embrace and deal with it, the better our lives will be. By confronting adversity with an open mind, a flexible and determined mindset, and by setting goals and having the right sets of supports in place, you’ll put yourself in the best position to not only cope with, but also conquer any adversity you face.


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