Team success.

Can you lead your team to success?

Executives, leaders, and managers are facing tough decisions as we return to work. Newly appointed and seasoned leaders must assess their teams, find the gaps, and fill open positions. Adding to the complexity is the critical task of identifying those who would be better served in a different capacity, often times outside the team or organization. This requires an intricate balance of confidence and humility, as well as skillful communication.

When this topic comes up in my coaching conversations, we discuss how the first few weeks are crucial to build trust, learn, and evaluate, even if you are not new to your role. You see, the pandemic has changed us: we’ve adapted and grown, our perspectives have been altered, and for some, our values have shifted. Have you noticed this?

Consider the recent Pew Research survey of Americans regarding their experience with the pandemic. Almost 90% of the 9,220 who responded reported at least one negative change and 73% have experienced an “unexpected upside.”

Silver Linings

If you’re anything like the executives I work with, unexpected upsides are always welcome. Fortunately, there are many.

According to Pew, “Most have experienced these negative impacts and silver linings simultaneously: Two-thirds (67%) of Americans mentioned at least one negative and at least one positive change since the pandemic began.

When analyzing the data, they found that Americans were affected in a variety of different ways, both positive and negative, and there was no “typical experience.”

As we return to work, we are returning as a new team. We are new leaders, managers, employees, and teams. As a leader, it is your responsibility to identify and understand all the impacts—the negative, and the positive. By asking the right probing questions and actively listening you can jump-start your leadership and team performance.

What do you think? How do you jump-start your leadership? What about team performance? I’d love to hear from you.

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