Do You Know When To Quit?

Not knowing when to quit can cause a lot of problems. From health concerns to missing out on opportunities, there are a lot of things that can happen when we don’t let go and move on. When most people think about failing to quit, they think about loss of resources which in and of itself is a big deal. Losing time and money causes a lot of problems, but there are unexpected ways failing to quit can cause problems too.

Failing to quit can change your mindset

Sometimes the things we need to quit are toxic and holding on too long can pollute your mind and shift your mindset. Once positive people become negative. Optimistic people become pessimistic. The act of holding on too long can affect your mental and physical health if left unchecked.

It’s important to know if failing to quit something could be changing your outlook on life. If your commitments are causing you to become more negative it could be an indicator you need to stop. Maintaining a positive mindset and healthy perspective helps in all areas of life. If something in life is causing you to lose your healthy mindset, it’s an indicator you may need to quit.

Failing to quit can ruin relationships

When things don’t change over a long period of time, it can affect relationships. If you take on too many activities, you may find yourself unavailable to maintain the most meaningful relationships in your life. Overwhelm and secondary stresses can also affect relationships when we become fatigued and less able to manage stress. This can affect us as parents, partners, friends, and employees. Failing to quit can affect your relationships in powerful ways.

If you sense your relationships have been strained or you find it harder to maintain the most important relationships in your life, it could be an indicator you’re holding onto something unhealthy that you need to quit. From toxic friendships that bleed over onto your other relationships, to a work environment you can’t leave at the door when you go home, many situations infect your ability to have healthy relationships. Don’t let a few bad situations poison your relationships with others.

Failing to quit can trigger depression

Holding on to something too long can affect your mental health. Refusing to let something go can trigger depression when your mind can’t cope. The chronic stress can affect your mood as well as impact your sleep, hunger, and motivation. When you are stressed, it’s easy to sleep too much or too little, eat too much or too little or lose your motivation altogether.

When you fail to quit, your subconscious is left holding the ball and it doesn’t always know what to do. When we don’t actively solve problems and fail to quit things causing problems, it can manifest in depression or other mental health issues like anxiety.

You may not recognize how failing to quit things that aren’t working can cause problems. It’s important to consider if your failure to quit is bleeding over onto other things you thought were unrelated. The good news is when you quit, many areas of life begin to improve right away.

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