Do your best to stay calm and collected. How to win an argument.


Do you feel that your debate skills aren’t very good? Or do you think that you might need a little help to take you to the next level? Below are four easy ways to boost your debate skills.

Prepare Evidence in Advance

There is nothing more embarrassing than debating with someone who has no evidence, or if they do have it, has to search for it to present it. Stop this from happening by having all your evidence prepared in advance and ready to go. Spend time organizing it so that when you reference a certain statistic or chart, it’s quick and easy to find in your stack of papers or slideshow. And don’t forget to make sure your evidence is factual and not from a gossip website.

Watch Other People Debate

Like any other task in life, you can improve your skills by watching others perform the same task. Resolve to watch a business negotiation or debate in action and take notes on what they do. Take special notice if they do anything you don’t currently do and try it out in your debates.

Be Confident

People are more likely to listen to someone confident in their subject and speaking to reflect that. Speak slowly, clearly, and with a tone of authority about your subject. Make sure when you enter a debate environment that your body language also displays confidence. Walk with your back straight, head up, and shoulders back. This body language will keep people from thinking that you don’t know enough about your subject or thinking your argument is weak.

Use Your Active Listening Skills

Learning to listen in a debate environment can be very difficult, especially if you are very passionate about your subject. When you listen to your opponent, this helps you learn more about your topic and your opponent as a whole. You may be surprised by the weaknesses you can notice in their argument when you take a moment to listen.

Overall, being able to debate well is truly an art form, and don’t be upset if it takes a little practice to get better at it. Once you learn the above tricks to add to your debate skills, you’ll be winning all of your arguments in no time at all.

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