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We are in the beginning of the new year and it’s time to take stock and set our intentions for the upcoming year.  A side note, we can only succeed in this new year if we do a “reset” and “re-energize”.

This past year was filled with so many different types of challenges which created frustration, fear, anger, sadness to name a few; and emotionally draining us of our energies.  All of this left us physically and mentally tired and wary.

Then there is the feeling which makes itself known mostly at the end of the day, when we feel wiped out from exhaustion, or we may even feel that way at the start of the day! The feeling of exhaustion, caused by factors beyond physical energy, is familiar, and it affects us all.

Nutrition experts and even those in the medical field would agree that 70 percent of our total energy is made up of emotional energy, not physical. Even though low energy is often associated with physical factors such as diet, lack of exercise or sleep, consistent low energy levels can also be contributed by factors related to a depletion of one’s emotional energy.

If you’re feeling tired or lethargic most of the time, even when you’ve rested well, it could be due to something more than physical fatigue. Being drained of emotional energy does not happen overnight, but long periods of stress can take a toll on your emotional energy and wellbeing over time.

If physical exhaustion is ruled out from the equation, it might be time to look into the possible psychological factors that caused it. It could be your emotional energy that’s depleted.

Here are common sources of emotional energy drain and proactive ways to address each to start boosting your emotional energy.

Holding a Grudge

Begrudging someone or holding on to long bouts of anger, disappointment or even hate can take a toll on your emotional energy. We’re often not aware of it, but every time we recall reasons why we dislike or are angry at someone from a long-gone experience, we expend psychic energy that only wears us out.

The truth is when we forgive someone, we’re also releasing ourselves from the toxic energy and negativity and bringing back our freedom and peace of mind.


Regret is more of our inability to let go of the past and what may have been a failure then – not now. It’s useless and it may even cripple us with worry. The inability to forgive ourselves can trap us in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts that may hinder us from taking action.

Regret can give birth to toxic beliefs that may foster a cycle of consistent failure. Liberate yourself from the past. Whatever it’s brought you, it’s only meant to bring us wisdom. Face the present and the future with confidence and courage.   Learning from our mistakes is the only way to create & enjoy success.


Worrying makes you believe that you’re proactively dealing with things when in fact you’re just exhausting and tormenting yourself needlessly. Continuous and ongoing worry also rarely produces great results and hinders creativity. It’s a mental block and the way to beat it is to silence that worrisome voice in your head and take action.

Other People’s Expectations

Other people’s expectations can truly sap us of our own happiness and emotional energy. Most especially when we’re pressured to follow a path they want us to but we don’t really want for ourselves. It can take time to replenish this kind of drain especially if it involved years of blind obedience or following.

You really only need to liberate yourself once and for all, and do something for you – one of your choosing to nourish your own happiness and satisfaction. Don’t live your life solely for other people.


Envy saps emotional energy because it drains us by the comparisons we do. Comparing our journey with other people’s progress can either motivate or inspire us to take action, or it can bring out the worst in us and torment us for not measuring up and blaming ourselves for our inadequacies. Envy can spiral into a whole range of negative emotions that’s not helpful for growth.

Once again, liberate yourself from negative envious thoughts and learn to appreciate your own unique journey. Start with being more grateful and counting your blessings; you’ll be amazed to find out how blessed and lucky you are.

We have a new year and a new start, make 2021 a good year for yourself.

When you feel that you have reached the end and that you cannot go one step further when life seems to be drained of all purpose; what a wonderful opportunity to start all over again, to turn over a new page. – Eileen Caddy

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