Is it a time for change? Pivot.

Strategies to Overcome Fear So You Can Make Changes

We all experience fear sometimes, but it can paralyze us in the face of significant changes. That’s not cool. Big changes are going to happen consistently in our lives. When fear stops you in your tracks, take a few moments to consider the five strategies listed below so you can overcome your fear and move forward with positive life pivots.

Start Small

You do not have to climb the mountain of change in one step. When a big change is staring you in the face, break it down into small steps that you can conquer one by one. Doing this will make everything seem more manageable and less scary.

Stop Researching

If you’ve done your research and are aware of what is coming, then stop searching and start taking action, trusting you will be guided to make the best decisions. You will never have all the information or know all the insider information—no one can! We can easily convince ourselves we need more information when really, we are just procrastinating taking action.

Trust Yourself

Reflect back on your life, consider the changes you have made, and the ways in which you dealt and thrived. You’ve done tough things before; you can do it again. Have faith in yourself and face change like the stellar person you are.

Remember the Journey

When you’re facing changes, sometimes all you can see is the significant benchmarks or the finish line. Look past those, consider the space and knowledge between all of those. You will learn new things, meet new people, and grow on that journey. Take your eyes off the finish line and focus on the new journey you get to go on.

Make an Effort

Making changes is not a passive process. You have the ability to make an effort, contribute, and actively work to make the best of every situation. Making an effort, even when you are afraid of what is to come, will allow you to have a say in how things go. You owe it to yourself to live your best life.

Fear, while a real thing isn’t always the monsters under our beds that we fear the most, but the inability to know how life will turn out. The next time you find yourself paralyzed by fear, stop and take a few moments to think through what you have to offer the situation and how you can make the most of it.

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