A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well - unknown.


Having a career, co-workers, and customers means that you have a particular kind of stress. Unlike much of the stress in other areas of your life, professional stress is often based on the expectations of others.

With that in mind, it’s important that you find healthy and productive ways to channel that stress. You’ll also want to lower your stress in the first place. When you deal with all sorts of people daily, including negative people, this becomes even more important to your sense of peace and well-being at work.

Your Career Should Be Your Focus

When it comes to your career, focusing on making money and advancing your profession are both more important than the latest office politics and/or gossip.  Try to be accepted and to fit in a lot of people try to be part of the group.   Often times, this leads to nowhere fast and leading to some unintentional situations.  While, we need to interact with each other during work and at times, having some time for small talk is just fine and needed, there is a fine line between small talk and actual gossip or just plain old negativity.

When you set a good example by not partaking in the gossip, you lead instead of follow. You can show your co-workers that you care and still be accepted by them, while avoiding frivolous activities during work hours. Such leadership cuts down on your stress, encourages a more positive environment in your workplace, and can even lead to promotions!

Instead of worrying about acceptance, focus on the following:

  1. Remind yourself why you work and what your goals for the future are.
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply so you can stay calm.
  3. Leave stress at the office, where it belongs.
  4. Take a lunch hour and breaks, even if you’re busy. You need time to unwind your mind and have short physical and mental breaks.
  5. Get some exercise, even if it’s just getting up from your desk and stretching periodically.

For someone to stress you out, get you angry, or make you feel inferior, you have to give them permission to do so. Rather than give someone a chance to make you feel bad, ignore what others do and concentrate on the things that matter to you. If others at the office talk about you because of this, what does it matter? Your career goals are more important.

Move Away From Stress

When you recognize that stress is something you want out of your life, you can start to move away from stress and toward peace and joy. It may take time, but with effort, you’ll feel less and less stress controlling your workday. When feelings of worry or anxiety approach, you’ll keep them at bay with a poised, thoughtful, effective response.

The direction your thoughts take is often the direction your life takes. When you keep moving forward and focus on the things that matter to you instead of thinking about what everyone else is doing, you’re able to get more accomplished. If you’re only focusing on your work and future, you have a lot less to be stressed out about.

Take time for yourself, too. Make time away from work to de-stress by doing things you find relaxing. Relaxing in your personal time off the job also helps you keep your job stress at bay.

Most of all, keep things simple. Focus on solutions instead of problems, take deep breaths, and remind yourself that you are capable of handling the challenges.  You can learn to respond calmly, rationally and effectively in the workplace. When you do, your productivity will soar as your stress melts away.

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