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What’s Worth Quitting and What’s Worth Fighting For?

When it comes to quitting for the right reasons, it’s best to begin by knowing what’s worth quitting and what’s worth fighting for. There are no cookie-cutter standards guiding when we should stick things out and when to cut them loose, which can make it harder. Since most cultures frown on quitting, it can make it difficult to feel empowered to drop something that doesn’t suit us.

What’s important for one person may not resonate with another. Knowing what’s worth quitting and what’s worth fighting for is highly personal. In the end, each of us has to determine what their standards are for quitting or sticking things out.

What’s Worth Quitting?

The nitty gritty about what to quit may be highly personal but there are some good guidelines that can help you make the best decision.

Quit things that are toxic- from people to foods, dropping toxicity from your life makes sense. Letting go of things that cause you mental or physical pain are important.

Quit things that deplete resources- There’s only so much time and money. Make the most of both by quitting things that rob your time and resources.

Quit doing things you don’t like- Life’s short and it’s not meant to be lived in resentment. Doing things, you don’t like to do can drain your energy and make life stressful. You deserve to enjoy the way you spend your time. Build a life that brings you joy and consider dropping the things that don’t.

While some things are worth quitting, others are worth fighting for, even when they are tough. Knowing what matters most to you can help you dig deeper and keep at it, no matter how tough it may be.

What’s Worth Fighting For? 

One person may have a heart for preserving the rain forest while someone else may have the desire to preserve their gym time. Everyone has something worth fighting for and even though it may be different, what matters most is worth the effort.

Fight for your morals and values

It’s always worth fighting for the things we believe in and sticking it out, even when we feel like quitting. When something is in alignment with your morals and values it’s easier to stand up and fight for it.

Fight when your gut tells you to

Intuition is powerful. It’s our inner knowing something is worthwhile. Others may not see what you can see in your heart or deep down, fight against the urge or advice to quit when your gut knows you shouldn’t.

Fight when you can win

It doesn’t make sense to fight a losing fight. Tenacity is amazing until it becomes stupidity. It’s important to realize limitations that make quitting the right choice. Fight when you know you can win.

Knowing when to quit is easier when you know what’s most important to you and what’s not. Base your decision on your unique morals, values and standards and you can’t go wrong.

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