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Why is being productive so important?


This is the short version of the important of being productive.   So, you’ve likely been told that being productive is important, but you may not know exactly WHY?  And the answer honestly isn’t that easy, as being productive can affect different parts of your life.

You Manage Your Time More Effectively

One thing that productivity does is it allows you to have more control over your life. This way you will have time to do all the activities which truly make you happy while still balancing work life. Not only that, but you won’t ever feel like you’re wasting your time either. And who knows, you might finally have time to try that one thing that has always been on your bucket list.

It Keeps Your Mind Active

As you grow older, according to scientists at Harvard Health, it’s just as important to keep your mind active as it is to keep your body healthy. This is because your mind starts to deteriorate if you don’t constantly keep working and learning new things.   Learning new things equals to neuroplasticity and your brain forming new neural circuits.   This means that you are maintaining good brain health and you even may prevent early dementia.

And a deteriorating mind can lead to a plethora of other problems and diseases, which could lead to an early death. Therefore, focusing on being productive not only keeps your mind engaged but also keeps it active and functioning for years to come—all while you are accomplishing the things you aspire to achieve.

Your Quality Of Life Increases

In this world, everyone knows time is money. So, when you have more time, you’ll likely have more money as well. Just look at some of the most famous CEOs’ and their productivity levels.  Yes, they do put in lots and lots of extra hours but in time, they also have lots of fun to enjoy life.

Honestly, they live a pretty high-quality life no matter how you look at it. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make more money by being productive, but it does mean you’ll finally have time to start that side business you always wanted to.

It’s The Key To Happiness

Money can’t buy happiness, but being productive can. The Anxiety and Depression Association for America has found numerous studies that conclude some people can achieve similar results with medication for their depression by increasing productivity only.

Of course, this doesn’t work for everyone, but productivity boosts your mood and motivates you, which will likely increase your outlook on life and emotional health.

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